Award winning healthcare videos

We have strong credentials in health and medical education, as well as the areas of parenting, baby and childcare and aged care. We are skilled at telling human stories and explaining medical issues. We genuinely care – we are committed to making a difference.

We have won over 20 National and International awards for programs on subjects ranging from babies and breastfeeding to palliative care and end of life. Our video ‘Dementia with Dignity’ (Alzheimer's Disease) helps train nursing staff and carers worldwide. Our series on Meningococcal Disease is used by schools, colleges, emergency wards and paramedics. We have also produced programs on breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, cancer of unknown primary and cancer support.

Kay’s years of experience as TV health & medical reporter and parenting presenter/producer, means that we have a deep knowledge and empathy for health issues, an understanding of the terminology and the sensitivity required to film delicate situations.

Kay has also published non-fiction books on pregnancy, parenting and baby care, including the best-selling 'What They Never Tell You – Secrets and Strategies for Surviving the First Six Months of Motherhood,' Random House (currently being updated for reprint).